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Door Installation El Paso and Dallas Handyman

A damaged door can be a nuisance and an eyesore, especially the entrance door of your home. Even if your door is just squeaky or dented we have the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to handle these types of jobs.

The Handyman Group & Contractors, Inc. can handle all door repairs or door installations needed, no matter how small or large.    

Interior Door Repairs and Installation

  • Create a new doorway
  • Fixing Door Knobs
  • Installation of Sliding or Pocket Doors
  • Installing a New Interior Door
  • Repairing Door Dents
  • Stop Door Squeaking
  • Weather Stripping

Exterior Door Installation and Repair

  • Energy Saving Door
  • Installing Pet Doors
  • Installing Storm Door
  • New Door Locks and Dead Bolts
  • Repaint front door
  • Repair or Upgrade Front Door
  • Repair or Upgrade Patio Door
  • Screen Door Installation


HG Contractors provides experienced and professional door installation and repair services to handle all your needs. Our professional handyman services add appeal and value to your home with the replacing, repairing, or installations of interior and exterior doors. HG Contractors professional services provide you with peace of mind, knowing your door installation and repair work is done right.

Contact us for your door installation needs at our El Paso location at (915) 849-1223 or Dallas Metro area location at (940) 273-2370.


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