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Fixture Installation

Are you looking to upgrade your fixtures within your house?  From upgrading sinks, ceiling fans and outlets, we will install any fixtures in your house . You won’t have to remodel your house. With our affordable  fixtures service, your house will feel and look like new again.

When you hire the Handyman Group you will save time and money. Our team of professionals are set out to make your home exactly how you want it. We make sure you are completely satisfied with our fixture installation. If you encounter any problems with your service, the Handyman Group will make sure to fix your troubles and keep you extremely pleased. Call Handyman Group to request our fixture installers to put in your new fixtures.

The Handyman Group is here to help you with all of your wants and needs for your house.  We want to take the stress away from you and let professionals do the work you have been meaning to do. By hiring Handyman Group you can be certain that your project will be completed on time by expert fixture installers.


Are you considering installing or repairing the flooring in your house?Our mission at Handyman Group is to provide outstanding customer service, execute an outstanding quality of work, and follows the latest flooring techniques in the flooring industry. Handyman Group is one of Texas’ best on home flooring installation and repair .

Handyman Group is your answer to installing or repairing anytime of flooring in your house.  From minor to major flooring issues, our floor installers will make sure your floor is looking as good as new. We make sure every floor installation is done on time and with the best quality of work. We will make sure we protect and clean up after our project.  No matter where in your house that needs flooring, the Handyman Group will take care of you.
You can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our work.

Our Flooring Professionals Install:

  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Cement

  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Bamboo
  • Marble

Handyman Group professionals will evaluate your flooring needs and guide you throughout the process. When it is time for installation, our experts will inspect the structural integrity of the current floor, and  will recommend the best  flooring selection for your home.

Call us at (915)849-1223 to schedule your flooring project today!


Is your garage a mess? Let us help you out. Not only does the Handyman Group work on the inside of your house but also works on your garage. Many people have cluttered garages that need a makeover. At the Handyman Group, we will install and organize what is best for your garage needs.

Handyman Group will provide a solution to transform your garage . Our services include: reorganization, additional storage space, shelving and racks on the wall.

We will make sure when we are finished with your project  it will be cleaned, provide easy access, and provide an organized storage space. With our affordable service you well get highest quality of customer service and work materials. We will work with your budget to make sure all your needs are met.

Schedule an appointment today with Handyman Group for all your garage needs.


How many times do we have a list on a ton of different things to do around the house and we never get to them? Don’t worry we can do them for you. Handyman Group are professionals and experts technicians in various trades. For all of your house maintenance needs, call Handyman Group to do  your projects.

Fixture Installation

Does your kitchen need to be remodeled? For most people, finding time to make changes to your kitchen is very difficult. At Handyman Group we can design a new kitchen or spruce up the existing one. Our priority is providing an affordable solution  for creating the kitchen you want.

Hire Handyman Group for all your kitchen remodeling and repairs needs. We specialize in painting, installing countertop and cabinets, and fixing drywall. During the process, we will guide the whole way step by step. After we are done with your kitchen it will look new!

If you’re looking for a reliable company to control all of your kitchen needs please call the Handyman Group for a consultation.


Have you been unable to take care of those outdoor Honey- Do lists ? Let us take care of that for you. For a flat rate, we can be your outdoor Handy Man all year long. Our professional handymen will provide outstanding service for an affordable price.


  • Doors
  • Deck Maintenance
  • Fences
  • Outdoor Home Maintenance
  • Power Washing
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Stucco

We take every project very seriously and understand that the outdoor of your home is what everyone looks at. Our handymen will make sure that we clean and protect each finished project. If you’re looking for a handyman for your outdoor projects and repairs, so you don’t have to please call the Handy man Group today!


Handyman Group provides painting by successful and experienced Handymen is  for your residential needs. Our commitment to painting is based on our belief that customer satisfaction is a must.  Rest easy, we stand by our painting service which is affordable and trustworthy.

We look forward to helping your home with all your painting needs.

Whether it be interior or exterior of your home, Handyman Group will take care of it for you. Our guarantee will be to make your house look beautiful.

Handyman Group use only high quality materials and paint, with assurance that our painting projects are will last you for many years. You will not regret choosing Handyman Group. Our handymen experts will spray, brush and roll during the application of the paint. Having completed many projects, we have the experience and dedication in providing you the best quality of service you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free painting consultation and estimate!



  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Faucet Repair
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Leak Repairs
  • Re-piping
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Toilet Repair & Replacement
  • Water Heater Repair & Installation
  • Water Main Repair & Replacement
  • Water Filtration Systems
Plumbing Services

Our trained professionals provide a reliable diagnosis to any plumbing trouble that may be occurring within your home. We provide a solution to your troubles and give you an affordable price on all your plumbing needs. We maintain your home, so you don’t have too..

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TILE REPAIRSFixture Installation

Handyman Group wants to make sure to repair any cracking or chipping on your floor tile. Tile tends to fade and needs restored to look like new. No matter where inside your house the Handyman Group will make sure your tile is repaired in a timely and efficient manner.

To prevent having to put new tile, your floors grout needs to be maintained throughout your home and not be forgotten. This can save you money by preventing an expensive issues. Our professionals make sure your grout and caulking repairs are done correctly for an affordable price.

For cracked, damaged and loose tiles, a repair or replacement might be required in order to get your houses’ surface looking like new. Loose tiles can require a easy repair to secure the tile back into place and prevent later damage. If you’re in need of a tile repair in your house, our handymen are professionals at properly installing and laying tile.

With our installation we guarantee top quality tile that will last long and increase the value of your home. Once Handyman Group replaces or repairs your tile, your entire tile will look amazing. Handyman Group provides homeowners with all of their tile and grout needs while treating them with the best customer service possible. Contact us for a free estimation. We maintain your home, so you don’t have to…

Window Repair

Handyman Group provides quality window installation and repair to make sure your windows look great. We will remove any old windows and install the newly acquired windows. From minor repairs such as caulking around the windows and replacing weather strips to completely installing new ones Handyman Group has got you covered.

Having new windows installed can drastically change the appearance of your home. With the installation of new windows you can save money on your electricity and add value to your home. Our experts are able to install many different types of windows including energy- efficient windows.

Extending the life of your windows is important to us. We understand replacing new windows is not on top of your priority list. Our window repair service can address issues such as cracks and leaks to make your windows look as good as new.

Are you not sure if your windows need to be repaired or replaced? Within a 20 year period your windows will start to wear down. The professionals at the Handyman Group will guide you throughout the decision making process  to assist on whether you want a repair or installation of new windows.

Our handyman service will make sure your windows are securely placed and will provide the reliability for your home. We maintain your home , so you don’t have too…

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